Girls Aloud to split for good after reunion tour?

It has been reported that following their reunion tour later this year, Girls Aloud will split for the final time.

Girls Aloud will split once their tour finishes. Copyright [Wenn]

Say it isn’t so?

According to The Sun, the ‘Something New’ songstresses feel that their ten year career as a band has run its course.

A source told the paper: "The girls have known all along this would be the last time they would all work together.

“At the press conference to announce the tour, they deliberately dodged questions about future plans because they did not want to spoil the excitement.”

And there was us thinking they would be together forever.

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Girls Aloud also feel that they may have outgrown some of their older hits now that they are in their thirties.

The source explained: "They all felt it wasn't right for them to be singing songs like 'Love Machine' and performing the same as they have when they're in their thirties.”

"They all want to make this a way to bow out on a high and walk away for the next chapter in their lives without constant questions about when they will be getting back together."

Cheryl probably wants to go back to her successful solo career. Copyright [Wenn]

During their three year hiatus from the band, all five girls embarked on solo projects with varying degrees of success.

Cheryl Cole’s stint on the X Factor and subsequent solo career has proved to be the most successful while Kimberley Walsh is set to release her debut solo offering next month.

Girls Aloud’s ‘Ten- The Hits’ tour kicks off on 21 February and will end on 20 March.

So if you’re a big Girls Aloud fan, it's probably wise to make the most of the time the girls have left together as a collective.


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