Girls Aloud new single Something New leaked online, sounds amazing

The new Girls Aloud has leaked online and we can say for definite that IT. IS. AMAZING!

Roll on October 19th! Copyright: [rex]

Even though we probably could have predicted as much without even hearing it.

To summarize: THEY RAP IN IT!


Yes, you read that right: Cheryl and co RAP!

Well, for a bit any way before launching into one of the most catchy pop songs we have heard since, er Girls Aloud's old material.

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It's aptly named Something New and sounds just as fabulous as we could have hoped.

The track is produced by the best in pop, Xenomania, and is basically everything we ever loved about Girls Aloud rolled into three minutes.

Girls Aloud back in the good old days. Copyright: [wenn]

Shunning a big ole 'We're back' type ballad, the girls seem to have gone for an out and out club track in the same vein of recent Calvin Harris tracks.

You WILL want to dance around your living room.

However, the reunion will be a bittersweet time, as it will also mark the end for Girls Aloud.

Cheryl Cole confessed in her upcoming autobiography: "We'll be working on a tour and greatest hits album. Then I think that's it for Girls Aloud."

Well, let's just focus on the positives and the face she said *think*.