Girls Aloud Nadine Coyle faces losing her bar over unpaid taxes, let’s hope the reunion pays out soon

She famously drifted from her Girls Aloud band mates after setting up a bar in LA but now it seems that Nadine Coyle could lose it altogether.

We're not sure we would be this happy if we owed £120,000. Copyright [Wenn]

The pop star come business woman purchased the £1 million property in 2008 but has failed to pay any taxes on it since.

'Nadine's Irish Mist', run by Nadine Coyle and her father Niall, is looking at a whopping £100,000 worth of unpaid taxes plus an additional £20,000 fine.

And it seems that Nadine hasn't got long to pay the mammoth amount of debt back before the property is confiscated by the tax man and put up for auction next April.

Orange County treasurer Shari Freidenrich told the press last night: "They need to pay the entire balance including all penalties and interest to avoid a tax sale."

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Nadine's debt shouldn't really come as a surprise, least of all to the woman herself, who admitted when she first opened the bar that she wasn't very good with money.

She said: "I'm a bit dangerous with money. If I have it, I'll spend it.

"A few times in recent years, just through buying so much stuff as investments and dropping big sums here and there, I have left myself without enough money to buy a packet of chewing gum."

Nadine was more interested in her comeback than her taxes last night. Copyright [PA]

Nadine Coyle recently reunited with her band Girls Aloud for a comeback tour to celebrate ten years together.

Let's just hope that Nadine's pay cheque for the reunion clears before April or she could be in some serious trouble.