Gillian Taylforth gets almost naked, Kate Moss in fifteen years

Celebrity Big Brother star Gillian Taylforth has only gone and got down to her bikini for a magazine shoot:

Kathy Beale, you minx! Copyright: [Closer]

And after seeing her bod, we are hardly surprised she wants to show it off as wowzers, Kathy Beale has got it GOING ON!

Now we know why she spent so much time in the Celeb BB gym. In the words of her biggest fan Rylan Clark, drop me out!

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57 year old Gillian looks so stunning we reckon she is giving her doppelganger Kate Moss, 39, a bit of a run for her (buckets of) money.

So just how can we all look as hot of Gillian when we are nearing 60? Well, luckily for us she has revealed her diet and exercise secrets in the accompanying interview.

Kate Moss in fifteen years. Copyright: [Closer]

And her secret? Well, Zumba, vegetables and er, Argos actually!

Gillian says: “In the past couple of years, I’ve started doing Zumba three or four times a week, which really keeps me in shape."

"I also have a set of three hand weights from Argos, so I try to do a few reps of those every day.”

She adds: “I eat healthily and I don’t eat a lot of meat. I’d rather skip the meat and have the veg when I have a meal!”

Read the full feature in this week's Closer out NOW!

And it seems that going on Celeb BB and then getting naked for a magazine is fast becoming a bit of a trend.

Last week Paula Hamilton did the exact same thing and in case you missed it, here you are again (*runs for cover*):

Paula got naked for Closer magazine. Copyright: [Closer]

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