Geri Halliwell tweets picture of herself in the recording studio, oh and she’s in her bra

Geri Halliwell is gearing up to make a chart comeback, taking drastic measures to draw everyone’s collective attention to it in the process.

Geri didn't even need to sing 'Look at Me'. Copyright [Twitter/Geri Halliwell]

The former Spice Girl took to Twitter earlier today to share a picture of herself in the recording studio.

However, unlike Taylor Swift’s demure offering the other day, Geri Halliwell, 40, opted for a much more blatant approach.

Singing into a microphone, Geri was pictured in nothing but a pair of headphones and a lacey bra.

She wrote alongside the snap:”Warned not to tweet this, but here goes, - hot in studio "apparently" Kate Bush took her bra off!”

We’re just thankful for Geri’s sake that she didn’t do a Kate Bush.

Geri back in the day. Copyright [Rex]

After leaving The Spice Girls in 1999, Geri Halliwell embarked on a successful solo career with hits including ‘Look at Me,’ ‘Lift Me Up’ and ‘It’s Raining Men’.

However, Geri’s last attempt at a comeback in 2005 failed to set the charts alight and she was promptly dropped from her record label.

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Talking about her plans for a pop comeback last year, Geri said: “I am very excited. I am in the studio and an announcement is imminent.

“I've been mastering my album and I'm really excited that the pop career is about to come back.”

We wait with breath that is bated.

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