Geri Halliwell and Russell Brand on the rocks already thanks to Alan Bennet

Oh no! Looks like things could be over before they have already begun for Russell Brand and Geri Halliwell.

Russ has another man... Alan Bennet. Copyright: [rex]

According to reports, things are not going too swell for the fledgling couple who paired up after performing together at the Olympic Closing Ceremony.

The couple were apparently drawn together by their shared love of yoga and all things spiritual however, it would now seem the pair aren't as suited as they initially thought.

Sources say that Ginger is growing bored of the funnyman as he is just 'too intelligent'.

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Apparently, he is so intelligent it is 'exhausting' and Russell just keeps on and on about things that are clever but dare we say, a bit boring.

Hmmm, exhausting intelligence? Poor Geri just wanted a bit of a snog, not a Philosophy lecture.

Hilariously, Geri is said to have been 'stunned' when Russ turned up at her house with an Alan Bennet DVD under his arm.

Talking Heads to be exact.

Well to be fair, it's probably because she expected some after eights, a bottle of Rose and some massage oils.

Or maybe she just wanted to watch TOWIE.

There was three of them in this relationship... Copyright: [rex]

Either way, Russell's intellectual tastes are said to be overbearing Geri who wants to cool off the relationship before she is forced to watch any more Alan Bennet.

A source told The Mirror: "Things are already cooling off, way into very intense spiritual readings that are just too much, even for Geri. He is way too intense, full stop."

However, Russell is jetting off back to LA soon and it would seem Geri has no plans on joining him.

"It will be yoga, sex and fizz, but it won't last the distance. He's off back to LA soon and she's not planning on going with him,"

Ah well, nothing like a quick fling.

Even if it does mean you have to watch loads of Alan Bennet DVDs…