Geri Halliwell and Russell Brand dating: Did yoga bring them together?!

Russell Brand and Geri Halliwell might be dating but we are still trying to get our head around the whole thing. However, could yoga be the answer?

Russ and Geri both love some bendy body excercises! Copyright: [wenn]

It's well known that both Russell and Geri are big fans of the body bending exercises and could it be this that had brought the pair so close, so fast?

It's believed that Russell has chucked his girlfriend Isabella Brewster for the Spice Girl after according to The Sun the pair share a 'spiritual connection' via their shared love of Yoga.

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Does anyone else remember Geri's Yoga DVD? We certainly do and it seems she must have been keeping in practice — something that has super impressed Russ.

Apparently the pair practice 'asana' which involves the art of er, sitting still.

Yep, we can't imagine these to chatterboxes managing that either — but we're just saying what we've heard!

Plus, it seems all that sitting still must be working wonders as the new couple seem to be getting on just swell.

Russ admittted he fancied Geri after the closing ceremony. Copyright: [rex]

After Russell admitted her fancied Gezza after the closing ceremony the pair have been spotted on some very public dates and seem to be showing no sign of hiding their fledgling romance.

After being spotted larking about on Hampstead Heath, a source told The Mirror:

"Geri and Russell were being very open about everything, there was no attempt to hide the fact that they were on a date,"

"There was lots of giggling, eye contact and touching as they sat together near a couple of trees.

"They looked like they had known each other for years — and the relationship was obviously more than just friendly."

Who knows? Could this be a perfect showbiz match after all?