Georgia Salpa has a perfect body, we’ve said it before and we will say it again

More Georgia Salpa pics have landed ready for us to stick on our fridges for much needed post-Christmas diet inspiration:

Georgia is a BABE. Copyright: [wenn]

Yep, the woman is gorgeous and we don't think we will ever tire at gawping at her.

Perhaps she could go BACK into the Celeb BB house for the next series just for us? Channel Five, if you are reading: could this be arranged?

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And you have to admire her commitment to looking outrageously hot: even in the depths of winter Georgia has steered clear of the opaques.

Well, if our bare legs looked this good then we would probably be a bit more willing to freeze them too.

And if you are currently not convinced that Georgia is almost certainly the hottest woman in the world; scrap that, UNIVERSE, then you clearly haven't seen this:

It's just ridiculous how good this woman's body is. Copyright: [Twitter]

The Salpa's body is pretty much to die for, no wonder she looks so smug.

They should take this photo and wallpaper gyms with it, that would get people kick starting their January diets.

It is almost enough to put us off out Christmas dinner.

We said almost.