Georgia Salpa dons a metallic onsie, has she been taking style tips from X Factor’s Rylan Clark?

Georgia Salpa and her amazing figure was in town last night:

This is one outfit we just can't learn to love. Copyright: [Splash]

Normally, we would do a standard gush over her amazing face/hair/etc but last night she managed to distract us.

Not to be harsh or anything but that really is one awful outfit, isn't it?

Sorry, but there is just excuse for a metallic onesie.

Plus, stepping out at last night's London Life of Pi premiere, Ms Salpa must have been blimmin' freezing!

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Georgia is one of the most gorgeous women on the planet but even she struggles to pull off moon man chic.

It's just all a bit well, bacofoil isn't it?

However, we think we know where Georgia's styles inspiration may have come from:

Georgia must have been taking notes last Sunday. Copyright: [Splash/rex]

Yep, good ol' Rylan Clark appeared in a similarly silvery get up on X Factor not so long ago.

We knew Rylan Clark was becoming a bit of a style icon!

However, awful outfits aside, Georgia's bod is still managing to put us off our mince pies - she really is just gorge isn't she?

We don't know about you, but we are still convinced she is the long lost Kardashian sister.