George Clooney is clearly a fan of Stacy Keibler’s muscular body, here’s how you can get her figure (if you so wish…)

George Clooney likes his women model-esque and brunette a la Lisa Snowdon and Elisabetta Canalis or so we thought… But now, he's had a bit of a blonde ambition as he's dating former model Stacy Keibler.

The clotheshorse-turned-wrestler-turned-celebrity girlfriend has been doing the red carpet rounds of late with George on her arm as he promotes 'The Descendants' and 'Ides Of March.'

Stacy KeiblerWant Stacy’s man and her bod? Pay attention to WWE Diva Kelly’s tips /WENN

And it's been her gorgeousness that's stolen the show, with her statuesque figure and tumbling blonde tresses — a far cry from her wrestling days as a WWE Diva.

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But if you want to nab George, you'll need to do more than have blonde hair, and if you really want to, tone up your body to look like you've been a WWE Diva!

Stacy Keibler and george clooneyLuck lady: Stacy has recently started seeing Geroge Clooney /WENN

To show you how we asked WWE Diva, Kelly Kelly, to share her body perfecting tips…

1.       Work out. *DUH* Exercise three times a week for 30minutes to an hour each time mixing cardio with weight training. Kelly suggest you try kick boxing too. *HIGH YAH!*

2.       Have a healthy diet! Boring but essential for a bod George will love, cut back on sugar, caffeine, and alcohol and eat at least five servings of fruits and vegetables a day. WWE Divas have one cheat day a week. *WOO HOO*

3. Don't deprive yourself of anything! *WELL SAID* WWE Divas live by the mantra that you should never deprive yourself and that everything is ok in moderation.

Kelly kellyFigure fixers: WWE Diva Kelly shows off her toned physique and shares her tips

4.       Adapt your wardrobe.  Be confident in your body and show it off. Pick clothes that have structure and are fitted.   *WE WON'T BE TRYING A BIKINI THOUGH*

5. Get a good attitude.  Be assertive and confident with who you are. Keep your composure and grace, but be willing to get your hands dirty if desperate times call for desperate measures.

Okaaay then… good luck with bagging George! We'll be trying these tips out because we are desperate. *HEHE*

The WWE RAW® and SmackDown® World Tour will return to the UK this November 2nd — 12th 2011 with 12 live events across the country.