Geordie Shore’s Sophie has a meltdown and LEAVES the show

We're used to drama in Geordie Shore. A LOT of drama.

Geordie Shore, SophieGeordie Shore's Sophie drops a bombshell on the rest of the group. Copyright [MTV]

But the latest episode of the reality show sees more toys being thrown out of the pram than even that lot are capable of.

In tomorrow's night's episode, Sophie makes the shock announcement she's leaving Cancun AND the show to head back to the UK to be with her boyfriend.

The tearful blonde explains she's been missing home and boyfriend Joel, who she's recently got even closer to.

Sophie has an emotional breakdown as she tells the rest of the group her plan to quit the show and return to her man.

Charlotte is gutted her BFF is heading home. Copyright [MTV]

BFF Charlotte is not having any of Sophie's waterworks and starts to feel even more alone at the prospect of her going home.

Sophie then starts to worry who will protect Charlotte from Gaz.

Meanwhile Gaz starts his own campaign to get her to stay as she's like a mum to him.

And Holly questions the Geordie lass's decision and says she's placing too much faith in Joel.

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She says: "I feel like she's leaving for Joel and if Joel breaks a heart, I'll breaking his f****** legs."

So far we've already seen tears, tantrums and tequila in Cancun - with bust ups between Vicki and Ricci, Gaz living up to his reputation and James ending up in a wheelchair.

But tomorrow night's episode at 10pm on MTV promises to be the most EXPLOSIVE yet.

The rest of the group react to Sophie's news. Copyright [MTV]