Gemma Collins tweets super skinny pic, we gasp

Gemma Collins may be big and beautiful now, but that has not always been the story.

This is Gemma Collins believe it or not. Copyright: [Twitter]

Just check out this snap that she posted on her Twitter earlier today.


Gem looks gorge either way, but you'd be lying if you said you weren't pretty shocked by these snaps!

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Gemma, is that definitely you in there?!

The TOWIE star posted the snaps with the caption: "“Can't believe how slim I used to be looking through old pics x”

She later posted this Christmassy snap with the message: "Always an angel #not,”

Gemma Collins check you out! Copyright: [Twitter]

Gem has recently opened up about her weight battle saying how her addiction to food is 'worse than cocaine'.

The reality star told Now! magazine: "I turned to food. That was the way I coped...My self-esteem was so low that every time I felt pain I'd eat.'"

"I don't think I need counselling about it or anything... I just know I get comfort from food the same way a drug addict gets comfort from drugs."

And Gemma admits that she worries about her weight so much that she uses herbal slimming pills.

"I'm taking herbal slimming pills at the moment.. They help control my appetite."

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