Gary Barlow to sing duet with secret special guest at Diamond Jubilee Concert

We cannot wait for the Diamond Jubilee Concert on Monday, and neither can Gary Barlow.

Gary Barlow, Diamond Jubilee ConcertGary Barlow has revealed some Diamond Jubilee Concert secrets. Copyright [PA]

The line-up for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Concert has got us excited enough already, but now we're even more looking forward to the big Buckingham Palace gig.

Event organiser Gary Barlow has revealed he has a "special duet" planned with a worldwide star.

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Ooh Gary you tease, who is it? *crosses fingers it's Cheryl Cole*

The Take That star isn't saying any more, but he has dished on the Diamond Jubilee Concert running order at the end of the three-hour live show, which is going to be broadcast around the world.

Diamond Jubilee ConcertPreparations for the Diamond Jubilee Concert are taking place. Copyright [PA]

Gary told the Mirror: "The end of the gig is particularly full-on because we go act into act. We go from Kylie to Stevie Wonder to Elton John and then Paul McCartney.

"They are four massive sets. They all have their own bands, they all have a different look. If we can get to McCartney and nothing has gone wrong, then we will all be jumping up and down. It will be dark by then, peak time, the climax to the show and you want that part to really blow people away."

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So how will Gary Barlow spend the day leading up to the Diamond Jubilee Concert?

The X Factor judge told the Daily Star: "I'll be doing radio interviews to remind people the show is going to be on TV, then I will have my rehearsals — look out for my duet.

"I'll be at the palace all day. I'll be on The One Show, then we go live on TV with the gig. It's been sold to 50-odd countries so we're going to be on a world stage."

Gary Barlow, Queen's Diamond Jubilee ConcertGary Barlow is in charge of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Concert.

The 24 acts taking part include Dame Shirley Bassey, JLS, Robbie Williams, Jessie J and Ed Sheeran.

Gary Barlow admitted he's particularly excited for Elton John and Stevie Wonder.

He added: "I'm going to be watching from a monitor on the side of the stage. We've got some projections for the front of the palace when it gets dark."

Sounds totes amaze.