Gary Barlow: New Take That record inspired by Jubilee single

Gary Barlow says his Jubilee tour of the Commonwealth has inspired him to work on a new Take That album.

Gary Barlow says the Jubilee single has inspired a new Take That album. Copyright [Gary Barlow]

Speaking at the media screening of his Jubilee documentary 'On Her Majesty's Service' tonight Gary Barlow said: "It's very difficult to travel as a band as we've all got kids and stuff.

"And so this is the first time I've travelled in years really and I must say when I left Australia I had a caseful of music.

"There's amazing music in Australia and I'm already thinking of the next Take That record with flavours of this music."

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Gary Barlow travelled the Commonwealth with the aim of creating a special single to celebrate the Queen's jubilee.

The official song 'Sing' is a collaboration of a host of different musicians from across the world.

It also includes Gareth Malone's Military Wives choir.

Gary Barlow's single also includes Gareth Malone's Military Wives choir. Copyright [Gary Barlow]

And there is even a cheeky musical appearance by none other than Prince Harry, who was also in Jamaica doing a his own Commonwealth tour when Gary was out there.

Gary said the documentary was about much more than just the music.

He said; "It was an exercise in trying to find the best in people. It wasn't even a musical achievement in the end.

"I just loved meeting the people. The few times I'm able to go abroad and actually enjoy meeting people.

"I actually spend most of my time avoiding meeting people if I'm honest. And the fact that I can go and shake people's hands and discover about their lives. I really enjoyed it."