Gary Barlow pulls out of X Factor press launch

After the tragic news that his fourth child was stillborn two weeks ago, it's hardly surprising that Gary Barlow has decided to take some time off from work.

Gary BArlowGary Barlow has pulled out of the X Factor press launch tomorrow. Copyright [WENN]

Gary Barlow impressed us all with his stunning performance at the Olympics Closing Ceremony on Sunday, but today it's been confirmed that he's pulled out of the X Factor press launch tomorrow.

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The X Factor press launch will be held tomorrow morning, and traditionally features all four judges.

However, an ITV spokesman has revealed that Gary Barlow won't be there: "Due to personal circumstances Gary Barlow won't be attending the press launch for The X Factor this week but he has been in touch with production to wish everyone well."

Gary BarlowGary Barlow gave an amazing performance at the Olympics Closing Ceremony on Sunday. Copyright [WENN]The bulk of The X Factor has already been recorded, with the live shows not starting for a couple of months, meaning that Gary Barlow can take as much time as he needs with his family.

Twitter was awash with support over the weekend after Gary performed at the Olympics Closing Ceremony. Many believed he'd cancel the appearance after he announced that he and wife Dawn had lost their fourth baby, a girl called Poppy, earlier that week.

X Factor judgesThe other X Factor judges will still attend. Copyright [PR image]Whilst celebs and fans alike congratulated Gary on his bravery, some people criticised Gary for returning to work so soon.

In fact, some of the comments were so vile that comedian Jason Manford wrote a moving blog post defending Gary.

We think some time out with his family is what Gary needs. We're looking forward to welcoming him back on our TV screens when he's ready.