Gareth Gates announces his marriage is over after years of cheating rumours

Gareth Gates has announced the end of his marriage to wife Suzanne.

Gareth and Suzanne battles to save their four year marriage. Copyright: [wenn]

Gareth took to his website the break the news after writing on Twitter: 'Just wanted to let you all know first...'

The former Pop Idol then said in a statement on his site:

"Despite our efforts over the past 3 years to make our marriage work, sadly Suzanne and I have decided to separate."

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"Whilst we have grown apart, we love and cherish our wonderful daughter, Missy, and together we will prioritise her happy upbringing."

This makes us sad but we have to say we did see this coming after hearing rumours of Gareth's infidelity on more than one occasion.

It is believed that Suzanne just couldn't get over the idea that Gareth is alleged to have had an affair with his Les Miserables cast mate, Katie Hall two years ago.

And neither could we: talk about the world's most unlikely (alleged) love rat!

Gareth and Suzanna in happier times. Copyright: [wenn]

This added to recent pictures of Gareth going into the flat of his current Legally Blonde cast mate, Faye Brookes.

A friend of the couple told The Mirror: "Things have never been right since Gareth was first accused of playing around, but they wanted to give things a real go for Missy's sake."

"They tried their best but it was very strained at times and this latest incident was the f­inal straw."

"They have been ­together for ten years and it really is very sad but there was just no way back."

We just hope they both manage to find happiness in the future.