Frankie Sandford wants to MARRY Wayne Bridge

Pic: Splash

Frankie Sandford and Wayne Bridge always looked loved-up whenever they step out together but we hadn't realised their relationship was getting THIS serious.

Frankie told The Sunday Mirror that although it would be a little way off, she would like to marry him.

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She said: "I hope we do get married in the future. My family wouldn't be disappointed if I married him. He can't do any wrong in the eyes of my friends and family — they absolutely love him!

'But I am only 22. Everyone is trying to marry me off and get me to have babies but I'm not even 25.'

Hurry up Frankie - we want to see your wedding dress, and the other Sats as bridesmaids. Ooh - or maybe a double wedding with Rochelle and Marvin! We're getting carried away now...