Frankie Sandford to follow in Rochelle and Una’s married footsteps as Wayne Bridge plans proposal?

We do love a good old Saturdays wedding, and last year we were treated to two with Rochelle and Una getting married.

Frankie Sandford and Wayne BridgeFrankie Sandford and Wayne Bridge are rumoured to be close to marriage. Copyright [Rex]And it seems that Frankie Sandford could be following in Rochelle and Una's footsteps, with rumours that her boyfriend Wayne Bridge is planning to propose to her.

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Frankie Sandford, 24, and Wayne Bridge, 32, have been together for two years and apparently he's ready to pop the question.

Frankie Sandford and Wayne BridgeFrankie Sandford and Wayne Bridge have been together for two years. Copyright [Frankie Sandford]A source said: "Wayne is crazy about Frankie. He has been for years. They've talked about marriage but Frankie didn't want to get engaged before they spent half a year living 6,000 miles apart.

"But now she's back Wayne's planning a proposal. He's asked her dad's permission and he said yes instantly."


Frankie Sandford and Wayne BridgeFrankie Sandford and Wayne Bridge on holiday last year. Copyright [Frankie Sandford]Frankie has been back and forth to America for much of the past year with The Saturdays launching their reality show out there.

Frankie admitted that she didn't want Wayne to propose before the girls made their trip Stateside.

She said: "I told him he couldn't propose before we came to LA. It would look like he'd only done it so I would stay with him."

Rochelle Humes and Una HealyRochelle Humes and Una Healy both tied the knot last year. Copyright [Rochelle Humes]In a recent interview, Rochelle Humes, who's pregnant with her first baby, suggested that Frankie could be pregnant and heading up the aisle very soon.

Rochelle revealed that her bandmates knew she was pregnant when they ordered sushi for her and she refused it.

She then went on to joke: "Frankie will be next. I saw her being sick the other day and I thought, “Oh Frankie, would you like some sushi?”’

Watch this space.