Frankie Sandford so homesick she is moved to tears on The Saturdays new reality show

Being a Saturday is something we dream about, but it would seem that there is a price to pay for all that amazing hair and shoes. In their new reality show, Frankie Sandford admits she suffers from terrible homesickness.

Frankie SandfordFrankie Sandford at the event last night. Copyright [WENN]

In a sneak peak from the show, Frankie shares just how homesick she can get when The Sats are off globe trotting.

The star is visibly moved to tears when the band first arrive at the mansion where they are to stay in LA.

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In the episode, Frankie says: “I’m hoping I am strong enough to get over it. I felt really homesick."

“I am such a baby – when I walked in it felt empty,” Frankie adds.

The SaturdaysThe Saturdays in LA. Copyright [WENN]

The Saturdays invited a camera crew to come along as they tried to make it big over in the US, and the result was their new reality show Chasing The Saturdays.

Frankie was checked into rehab for depression in 2011 and leaving the UK to film the show in the States sees her hit another low.

And in case you struggled to hear Frankie, the show has been subtitled to help out its American viewers!

A source told the Daily Star: “It’s unlikely that all of the US will understand what The Saturdays are actually saying so the subtitles were necessary."

“The show is quite good fun and very dramatic, but if people can’t understand them, it will bomb."

And appaz, producers have chosen to feature loads of Mollie King, in the thinking the US audience will love her posh English accent!