Forget Katy Perry, we want Prince Harry to snog Cheryl Cole. FACT.

Katy Perry might have revealed she's got the hots for Prince Harry this week.

Cheryl Cole, Prince HarryCheryl Cole is the girl we'd lmost like to see Prince Harry with. Copyright [Wenn]

But it's actually British star Cheryl Cole that most people would like Prince Harry to lock lips with.

American popstar Katy Perry told fans at the premiere of her film 'Katy Perry: Part Of Me 3D' on Tuesday that she's single and she rather fancies "hot ginger" Prince Harry.

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But according to a new survey, we want to see Prince William's little brother to get with Girls Aloud star Cheryl Cole.

Prince Harry, Cheryl ColeMost people wanted Prince Harry to snog Cheryl Cole. Copyright [Wenn]

A survey of thousands of people by Zoosk, the romantic social network, revealed that 39 per cent of people want a Chezza-Harry match.

This compares with only 10 per cent of people craving him to get with The Saturdays' beauty Mollie King - who he was rumoured to be dating earlier in the year.

Mollie King, Prince Harry, Cheryl ColeMollie King was rumoured to be with Prince Harry but was beaten by Cheryl. Copyright [Wenn]

In fact, much more people wanted to see a second Middleton sister bag a Royal - with Kate Middleton's sexy sis Pippa pulling in 34 per cent of the votes.

Prince Harry's ex-girlfriend Chelsea Davy is not a popular match, with only 17 per cent of people pitting the pair together.

Meanwhile, though, it looks like Harry has got his eye on someone else COMPLETELY.

The Sun reports today that the posh chap has his eye on 'Three Musketeers' star Gabriella Wilde.

According to the paper, the 23-year-old has so far knocked back any of the Prince's moves as she doesn't want to become a royal girlfriend.

Gabriella Wilde, Prince HarryHarry has apparently set his sights on Gabriella Wilde now. Copyright [Rex]