Foo Fighters, Katy B and Azaelia Banks: We are SO excited for Leeds Festival!

This weekend omg! are donning their best willies and packing up to head off to Leeds Festival.

We can't wait to see these guys! Copyright: [rex]

But before we go, we thought we would share our top picks for the weekend and where exactly we plan to be hanging out!

The moment we will go crazy

Foo Fighters on Saturday night, look out for us at the front releasing our inner rock chick. Then we might nip off for a bit before getting back in time for The Cure. We honestly might get so excited at this point that we attempt to crowd surf.

The moment we will need our wellies

Sadly, the weather forecast does not look so bright for Leeds this weekend but that's part of the festival fun, right? Just remind us that we said that when we are knee deep!

Yep, according to the forecast, tomorrow will be dry up until early evening when the heavens will open for the remainder of the weekend.

We. Can't. Wait. Copyright: [rex]

The moment we will say 'how have we never heard this band before?'

When we rock up to see Passion Pit.

OK, so we have heard them before but we bet loads of you haven't and they are quite simply, fab! If you liked MGMT then prepare to fall in love with Passion Pit.

The moment we will get on our dancing willies

Sunday in the dance tent when you can catch us having a serious boogie to Jaguar Skills before we are treated to a fab performance from top rapper, Azealia Banks. Don't say we didn't warn you about our shapes!

We just hope we don't get stuck in the mud.

The moment will will chuck our glow sticks up in the air

When Katy B appears on stage in the Dance Tent, her album On a Mission was absolutely packed with hits and we just can't wait to hear them live! Plus, we are dying to see what outfit Katy picks, last time we saw her she had on a Topshop dress and we fell in love with her even more.

The moment we will cry

When we have to go home.

Right, if you'll excuse us, we're off to get covered in mud, see you on Monday!