First pictures of Harper Seven shared online by the Beckhams

Victoria Beckham shares first picture of Harper Seven with David Beckham / Victoria Beckham's Twitter

The Beckhams have shared the first pictures of their daughter Harper Seven, who was born last Sunday.

Victoria Beckham posted a picture on Twitter of David cradling their newborn, tweeting: "Daddy's little girl! X VB X"

David Beckham posted a photo on his Facebook page of Victoria and their baby, saying: "I took this picture of my two girls sleeping."

David Beckham shares first picture of Harper Seven with Victoria Beckham / David Beckham's Facebook

The proud parents uploaded their family snaps today, giving the world its first glimpses at their fourth child.

David also took to Facebook this weekend to explain why they named their daughter Harper Seven.

In a video interview, he explained that Victoria's favourite book is 'To Kill a Mockingbird' by Harper Lee, which he describes as "a very strong, passionate book."

He acknowledged that Seven was chosen in part because it brought him luck as his shirt number for England and Manchester United, but there were other reasons.

David explained: "it symbolises spiritual perfection, the Seven Wonders Of The World, seven colours of the rainbow and in many cultures around the world it's regarded as a lucky number."

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