First Miley Cyrus and Tulisa, now Adam Lambert goes blonde!

Blondes definitely have more fun by the looks of the recent trend in celebrity hairstyles.

TAdam Lambert is the latest celebrity to go BLONDE. Copyright [Twitter/Adam Lambert]

First Tulisa then Miley Cyrus and now Adam Lambert has opted to dunk his locks in the blonde hair dye pot.

The American Idol star is the latest celebrity to ditch his brunette locks in favour of bright blonde ones.

And he certainly gets the award for most drastic change - after previously sporting jet black hair until YESTERDAY.

Adam Lambert, hairThe American Idol star had jet black hair before the drastic do. Copyright [Wenn]

The musician took to his Twitter page last night to debut his look to the world. Posting "New do" alongside the shot of his bleached blonde barnet.

And when asked by his fans why he'd gone for the drastic look, Adam posted: "You ask Why? Why not? ;) change is good."

He also revealed that he's now even more excited to get his costumes for when he heads to Japan, tweeting: "Even more excited to play dress up in Japan now! #chromeashplatinumfantasy"

Last week American star Miley Cyrus revealed she'd gone and lopped off her hair.

Miley Cyrus, blonde hairMiley Cyrus has also gone VERY blonde. Copyright [Twitter/Miley Cyrus]

The shorter, blonder look was instantly tipped as being the new 'Rachael' once it was known that the man behind her cut was the same hairdresser who gave Jennifer Aniston the famous 90s look.

She also told her followers she was ready for a change, as she tweeted picture after picture of the new style.

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And it drew even more gasps once it was revealed she'd spent a whopping $1000 on it.

And before her, X Factor judge Tulisa went from brunette to blonde in a dramatic move that got serious tongues wagging.

Tulisa has also gone blonde. Copyright [Twitter/Tulisa]