First Chris Hemsworth now Hugh Jackman strips off for some Thursday eye candy

What is it with celebrity men stripping off this week? Not that we're complaining when Kristen Stewart's co-star Chris Hemsworth did it so beautifully yesterday.

hugh jackmanHugh Jackman ruled the waves and our hearts in Spain. Copyright [WENN]

But now with have Hugh Jackman's chest to drool over and that we have when we spotted these photos today.

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The dad of two was perfectly chiseled today as he hit the beach in Barcelona with his family.

Disappointingly he wasn't in favour of doing a Daniel Craig and wearing tight trunks, instead the X Men star opted for board shorts.

hugh jackmanHugh, that t-shirt really isn't necessary. Copyright [WENN]

He added more super star cool with shades that simply added more sexiness to the look but he later covered up in a white t-shirt which really was a crime to our eyes.

The actor was joined by his kids, Oscar and Eva and he wife Deborra-Lee Furness as they enjoyed a holiday in Spain following full-on filming on Les MIserables which also stars Anne Hathaway.

hugh jackmanWe need to get on a plane to Spain and fast... Copyright [WENN]

Judging by these photos it's going to be well worth a watch if only to see those biceps on the big screen.

Only yesterday we were treated to Chris Hemsworth enjoying some family time by the pool and he did so beautifully removing his top for all to see.

We really our lucky this week!