Fearne Cotton is pregnant. Congratulations!

Fearne Cotton has announced that she is expecting her first baby with her boyfriend Jesse Wood.

Fearne (and bump!) arriving at Radio One this morning. Copyright: [wenn]

Fearne announced the amazing news on her official website after posting on Twitter:

"Jesse and I have some news!!!".

We honestly thought they had got a puppy or maybe were engaged but never that Fearne was preggers!

So we pulled a mah-oosive shocked face when we read the couple's announcement.

The announcement read: "Jesse and I are very happy to announce we are having a baby."


Honestly, we nearly dropped the keyboard.

Fearne continued: "We are over the moon, morning sickness aside (me, not Jess) and looking forward to the little Cotton Woods arrival."

We know where you've been: making a baby! Copyright: [wenn]

The couple have only been together a year, and previously the Radio One DJ was engaged to a different Jesse — US skate boarder  Jesse Jenkins.

However, Fearne has admitted it's with Jesse Wood that she has felt content for the first time.

Fearne talked about her pregnancy on Radio One this morning, saying what a relief it is to finally be able to tell everyone.

She says: "It's nice to be able to talk about it, rather than just feeling sick at work. To any other women out there — the morning sickness makes you feel very ropey! I sighed a breath of relief being able to tell everyone yesterday."

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Come to think of it, Fearne had been arriving at Radio One in suspiciously baggy tops this week, hiding her tum with her bag.

But it certainly worked because we had absolutely no idea!

Today she arrived looking smiley and gorgeous, this time with her bag over her shoulder.

What a difference a day makes. Copyright: [wenn]

Celebs are already flocking to say congrats to the pair.

Ellie Goulding tweeted: "oh my god!! Congrats Fearne!!!!!!"

While Keith Lemon gave his congratulations in a way only he could, tweeting: "I am so happy for you Fearne. Honestly. Greatest news ever. Can't wait to see your milk trucks. Love Keith x."

Fearne has said how 'overwhelmed' she has been with all the messages.

Also, possibly in reponse to her pal Keith she admits: "I've actually got them for the first time in 30 years!"

Can you imagine what a cool mum she will be? And if having Fearne Cotton for a mum isn't cool enough, this kid will have a Rolling Stone for a granddad!

That is one Christmas Lunch we would love to be invited to!

Congratulations Fearne and Jesse!

Question is: who will take over her Radio One show when she's on maternity leave?