Fearne Cotton and bump spotted outside Radio One with flowers, is it her last day before maternity leave?

Fearne Cotton will soon be leaving Radio One to go on maternity leave however, could that be sooner than we expected?

Fearne and bump and FLOWERS! Copyright: [rex]

In fact, could that be today?

Yesterday Fearne was spotted leaving the studios with a huge bunch of flowers which got our suspicions tingling.

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Bit like a gossip Spidey sense.

It was announced that Fearne would be taking maternity leave 'later this year' er, earlier this year and you can't really get much later than December, can you?

Fearne with her flowers outside Radio One. Copyright: [rex]

So this added to the big bunch of flowers makes us think that Fearne might not be back on air until after the baby is born.

However, there is no peep of the news on Twitter or via Radio One so perhaps someone could just be giving a pregnant lady some flowers.

That is also a strong possibility.

Or who knows? Maybe they aren't even *for* Fearne and she is off to visit her Granny or something.

Wow, we just got very excited over a bunch of flowers, can you imagine us when the baby is actually blimmin' born? We may actually explode.

Actually, no we are saving that for when Kate Middleton pops out the Royal baby - then we really will go into overexcited meltdown.