EXLCUSIVE: Girlband Vida talk dance offs and rap battles with JLS

Here at Yahoo! omg! we love a good, fiesty girlband - and Vida certainly fit the bill.

When Vida came into our offices in a flurry of bright prints and massive hair we were bowled over.

Then we found out that Vida are mentored by JLS' Oritsé - so naturally we couldn't wait to find out how they met them and just what the boys are like behind the scenes.

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Vida's AJ explained how the friendship with Oritsé came about, saying: "We were on the live circuit back when we first started and they're the sort of thing they did before X Factor. He was in the audience and came up to us afterwards and said he liked what we were doing and wanted to help out."

The girls then supported JLS on tour, so they quickly became good friends, telling us that they hung out together backstage.

VidaVida are not only super talented, but styled to perfection too. Copyright [Vida]Che3kz told us: "Me and Marvin have little rap battles, he thinks he can spit."

Jade chipped in: "And then you've got Aston trying to have dance-offs..."

Sounds like a right laugh!

The girls are about to release their debut single, Boombox, which is frankly uh-mazing.

They went on to tell us that they don't see any competition between themselves and other girlbands like Little Mix or Stooshe.

Che3kz said: "We like the fact there are other groups out there. We're more just focusing on what we're doing and channeling our energy on to all that."

Vida's single, Boombox, is out on 9th September