EXCLUSIVE: X Factor’s Melanie Masson: ‘X Factor has given me my dream back’

The talk of this week's X Factor was undoubtedly Melanie Masson or as we have started calling her, Nicola Roberts in 20 years.

Melanie wowed all teh judges on this week's show. Copyright: [itv]

omg! exclusively caught up with Melanie this morning to talk crushes on Gary Barlow, big dreams and find out once and for all if she is related to Nicola Roberts.

Referring to stories that Melanie has been a professional singer for years she confessed she has been signed before:

"I was signed when I was 26 but I was dropped, it's just been a very long journey," Melanie said.

So what professional work has Melanie done?

"I've been working for a long time but part time since having the children trying to get a break — I have sung in bands, done session work, touring, gigging just trying to make enough money to get studio time."

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We asked Melanie is she thought this was her final chance, to which she said she thought it really is and goes as far to say X Factor has given her dream back.


Melanie says: "Yes, this is my last chance; I didn't think it would ever happen so I did think my break wouldn't come. But suddenly I have this amazing opportunity and X Factor has given me my dream back."

And we just had to ask her thoughts on Gary, after all the flirting we saw from across the judging table!

"Has anyone not got a crush on Gary?! He is a very lovely man. I am a married woman but you cannot deny that Gary Barlow is a very handsome man!"

We concur.

We still reckon they are related. Copyright: [rex/itv]

And despite our firm suspicions, Melanie confirmed that she is NOT related to Nicola Roberts. Or Janet Devlin for that matter, even though she is glad of the comparison:

"I'm not related to Nicola but I could probably be her mother, thank you she's gorgeous! Janet and I are certainly are both rocking the hair — I'm very happy with both comparisons!"