EXCLUSIVE X Factor Kye Sones: F*** knows why Christopher Maloney is still in the competition

Last night's X Factor saw Kye Sones become eliminated from the show leaving Christopher Maloney as Gary Barlow's last hope to win the series with his Over 28's category.

Kye doesn't understand Christopher's appeal. [Copyright Wenn/Rex]

Talking exclusively to omg! today, Kye Sones has admitted that he doesn't understand how Christopher Maloney, who has been criticised for his cheesy, irrelevant performances, is the last Over 28 standing.

When we asked why he thought Christopher was still in the competition, Kye Sones was dumbfounded.

He told us: "F**k knows is my answer to that!"

Well at least he's honest.

"I think Chris is the only person in the Overs that is a stereotypical Overs category contestant. This year I wanted to change the perception of the Overs and make it credible and cool and I think that's what Gary wanted as well.

"But it's not obviously working because people expect the Overs to sing old tunes and sing them in an old crooner way and it seems that this is why Chris is still there."

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Kye also revealed that while he and many other contestants had creative control over what songs they wanted to perform, Christopher was happy to sing what was given to him.

Kye is grateful that he was able to have creative control. [Copyright Rex]

He said: "I think Chris will sing what he's told. I'm really grateful to Gary and the music guys that I was able to say what I wanted to sing and they supported me.

"I'm really grateful that they did that. Most of the contestants this year have been songwriters and they know what they want to sing and then you get other contestants like Chris who will be given the song and do it."

Overall, Kye Sones does admit that he enjoyed his time on the X Factor and sees it as a positive step toward his future career as a musician.

He explained: It's been amazing. I've really enjoyed it. I never thought I'd go on the X Factor, not in a million years because I never thought I would get this far.

"I didn't think that I would enjoy it as much as I have. It's a great platform for people and I think that this has been the most credible year because we have some amazing talent."