EXCLUSIVE: X Factor contestants can’t be themselves, says BGT’s Ryan O’Shaughnessy

When Ryan O'Shaughnessy sang No Name on Britain's Got Talent, he instantly won us over.

Ryan O'ShaughnessyRyan has revealed X Factor wasn't for him. Copyright [PR image]However, Ryan O'Shaughnessy had a tumultuous time before his BGT appearance, having also tried his luck on Ireland's version of The Voice. So when we spoke to him exclusively, we couldn't help but ask why he'd avoided The X Factor in his pick of talent shows.

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With The X Factor hitting our screens this weekend, and so many famous stars like One Direction and JLS coming from the show, it seems like a good option to us.

However, Ryan told us he feels that the show doesn't allow contestants to really be themselves.

He said: "The reason I went on Britain's Got Talent was because I could do whatever I wanted. I could do my own song and play my own guitar and I could sing the way I wanted to sing."

RYANRyan has just released his debut EP. Copryight [WENN]He continued: "With these other shows, you don't get much say in that sort of thing. That was the attraction to the show from the start. You can be yourself and do what you want to do."

However, it looks like his choice of show has paid off with Ryan having released his debut EP this week.

Asked to describe the album, Ryan said: "Raw, acoustic. I actually asked the producer not to fix any imperfections, so that it's more natural with a live feel and lyrically all the songs are quite personal. It really exposes me as a person and not just a singer and a writer."

Ryan's EP is out now