EXCLUSIVE: X Factor’s Aiden Grimshaw answers YOUR questions: I’d be awkward Spice

Yesterday, Aiden Grimshaw invited us to the beach.

Somehow we managed to squeeze him into our busy schedule and with us took a bucket of YOUR questions!

We met up for a beach date with Aiden. Copyright: [omg!]

FYI, we had no idea what a joker Mr Grimshaw and confess now that we totally get what you all have been telling us for ages: the boy is gorge.

Aiden picked five questions out of our bucket and, in case you don't believe us, we present to you our very own omg! photographic evidence!

We had a massive giggle asking him all your questions and hope he invites us to the beach more often.

Next time, we might even buy him an ice cream.

'How did it feel hearing us singing at BT London Live?' Copyright: [omg!]

The first question Aiden picked out was from @georgiepascoe and asked 'How did it feel to hear us singing back to you at BT London Live.

Aiden says: 'It made me laugh and giggle. It was weird — I stopped singing and giggled. It's a bit mad.'

'What would you pick out of Nandos, alcohol and music?' Copyright: [omg!]

The X Factor finalist then picked a question from @Silly221 asking him which one he would pick out of Nandos, alcohol or music.

We reckon we would definitely pick cocktails but Aiden had other ideas.

He says: "I don't get that question but if I had to pick I'd say music. Because there is this chicken I have buying from M&S recently and it's really quite nice. Screw Nandos!"

'What band would you love to join?' Copyright: [omg!]

Third up was a question from @EllieAG who wanted to know what band Aiden would join if he could pick from any.

After a long pause the singer told us it would have to be the Spice Girls.

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"I would definitely be awkward Spice" he added.

We laughed. Lots.

'If you could play any instrument, what would you pick?' Copyright: [omg!]

Next he chose @KizzyWizzy123's question. She wanted to know if Aiden could pick one musical instrument to play, what would he choose?

Aiden basically then shouted: 'DIGERIDOO!'

Er, why?

He explained: "Think about it: how cool would that be? You could just turn up at a very proud didgeridoo owner's house and be able to pick it up and say 'Yeah, I play too'."

Obviously Aid knows more digeridoo players than we do…

However, it would make his second album that much more interesting.

'What do you order at Nandos?' Copyright: [omg!]

Then Aiden picked out a question from @AidenZebraQuiff who he reckons has a 'fantastic Twitter name' who wanted to know just what does a pop star order at Nandos?

"I order half a medium chicken and have swapped chips for corn because I am trying to be healthy. Can someone get me a black card? I love Nandos! I get asked every time I go in if I have one and I don't!"

Good to know! Now when he asks us on a date, we will know what to order him…