EXCLUSIVE: Tulisa won FHM Sexiest Woman because she has a very sexy heart says Nick Grimshaw

Tulisa has claimed the crown as the hottest celebrity in the world and it's all thanks to FHM readers who voted her sexiest woman in the magazine's top 100 poll.


And it wasn't just her incredible figure or girl-next-door looks that netted Tulisa the accolade of FHM Sexiest Woman, as fellow famous Brit and friend of the stars Nick Grimshaw tells us.

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Speaking to omg! while promoting T4 On The Beach, Nick said: "Tulisa is pretty sexy and she's gorgeous!

"She's delightful, very grounded and down to earth with a very sexy heart."

Tulisa was crowned Sexiest Woman in the world by FHM readers

His co-presenter Matt Edmonson agreed, adding:

"I don't think she's changed we [Nick Grimshaw and Jameela Jamil]  interviewed N-Dubz when no one had heard of them, now she's a big TV judge but she came into T4 the other day like nothing changed."

Aww, none of this surprises us though, from her fist banging on the X Factor desk to her arm salute we could see Tulisa was still the same girl from the start.
T4 presenters Jameela Jamil and Matt Edmonson also sung Tulisa's praises /wENN

And it's this feisty but fun persona that's won Tulisa fans from the celeb world too, as Jameela Jamil only had praise for the singer.

She told us: "Tulisa has a great figure — well done her! She's very accessible."

"And that's what men and the readers of FHM want, someone accessible," Nick added.

And winning FHM Sexiest Woman is just the start of a summer of fun for Tulisa as she also features on the line-up for this year's T4 On The Beach.

We asked the T4 what they predict the now solo star will sing, after all she's only released one single post N-Dubz…

Tulisa has a 'sexy heart' says Nick Grimshaw

Nick told us: "She'll have another single out before then and she'll do an album track but it'll be a cut from a TV performance."

But Jameela has other plans for Tulisa: "It would be so cute if she performed with Little Mix, it would be a little Tulisa family."

Her colleague wasn't too impressed with that option saying: "Little Mix need to get away from the shadow of Tulisa.

Hopefully she'll perform with Dappy as he's on the bill too, and Fazer will be at home crying because he wasn't invited."

Whatever happens, we can't wait to see what Tulisa pulls out of the bag for T4 On The Beach.

T4 On The Beach takes place on Sunday 1 July in Weston-Super-Mare. Tickets are on sale now. Visit channel4.com/t4