EXCLUSIVE: TOWIE’s Sam Faiers and Lauren Goodger refuse to speak to each other on night out

After their shambolic showdown on Sunday night, you'd think that TOWIE's Sam Faires and Lauren Goodger would want to avoid each other, so we've no idea why they turned up to the same party last night. *OMG! FACE*

lauren goodger and sam faires

At the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 launch at London's Billingsgate Market the feud between the girls carried on even when the TOWIE cameras were switched off.

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Lauren stayed well away from Sam in the roped off VIP area mingling with the likes of Harry Judd, Mario Falcone and The Risk, refusing to venture around the rest of the venue and face Sam.

TOWIETeam Lauren: Joey Essex, Lauren Goodger and Lauren Pope

And it appears the feud over Mark Wright is dividing members of the cast as two distinct teams are forming… *IT'S JEN AND ANGE ALL OVER AGAIN*

Team Lauren comprises of Lauren Pope who donned a tight green body con dress, Lauren Goodger wore an all-black ensemble with a red belt and Joey Essex in his usual attire. The trio stayed in the VIP celebrity pen and didn't leave once.

And a fair distance from them was Team Sam featuring Sam and Billie Faiers and TOWIE new girl Peri Sinclair.

TOWIETeam Sam: Peri Sinclair, Sam and Billie Faires

This group of girls certainly knows how to party! Clad in super sexy dresses Peri rocked a red body con number, Billie showcased a sequined gold frock while Sam sported a lace shirt and black pencil skirt.

The girls had an ongoing stream of fans, all men naturally, coming up to them, and Sam used this to have a laugh and asked  them to leap frog other each other. *OKAAAY THEN*

While the antics carried on, Lauren and her crew stayed at the other end of the room looking maybe more sophisticated but not having nearly as much fun.

Joey stuck to the two Lauren's like chewing gum on a high-heeled shoe, adoring the attention he got, including lots of gentle strokes from the girls. *GOSSIP*