EXCLUSIVE: Taylor Lautner answers YOUR questions (whilst we swooned a lot)

With Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2 just about to be released, we popped to a London hotel for a chat with Taylor Lautner. We know, tough job but someone's got to do it.

Taylor LautnerTaylor Lautner did a live web chat with us on the day of the UK Twilight premiere. Copyright [Rex]When we met Taylor Lautner, we put your questions to him via a live web chat. He chats about Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2, working out and eating cheeseburgers. The full interview is below...

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Are you a boxers or briefs man?

[Laughs] Probably briefs. Boxers are a little uncomfortable sometimes. But I like to change it up.


Why don't you have Twitter?

I thought I was up to date getting Facebook! I'll definitely look into it. But I don't have any plans to get Twitter at the moment. I update my Facebook page a lot, though.

Taylor Lautner and Robert PattinsonTaylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson at the UK Twilight premiere. Copyright [WENN]@cindrellabreaux

What do you think the future holds for Jacob and Renesmee?

I'm not sure. But you know, hopefully they'll be good and they'll be happy in the future.


What's your favourite album of the year?

Recently there's one album I've listened to over and over — it's Imagine Dragons. When I'm working out though I'll listen to techno dubstep.


What does the future hold for you? Are you gonna take a break or do you have projects lined up?

I'm not sure what the future holds. I'm just so grateful for the opportunity and the experiences that the franchise has provided. I'm not sure what the future holds, but I'm excited about it.

Taylor revealed he'll really miss Robert and Kristen. Copyright [PA]@Aishah_Haq

Which Twilight movie is your favourite?

That's tough. They're all so different. But I think this last one is the best. It's huge, there's a tone of action, a lot of romance, Bella's completely different, jacob's completely different. It wraps the whole franchise up. And it's emotional, too.


How do you feel when you see yourself on the big screen?

Watching certain scenes I cringe. Like the ones with Charlie [where he takes his top off] As an actor you're always very critical of yourself. But it's good t look back through and say what you'd do differently.

Would you ever go on I'm a Celebrity?

I don't kno what that is. I love jungles and nature — that sounds fun. Kangaroo testicles sounds a little gross! I'm not a reptile fan. I can deal with spiders but when snakes get involved, I'm out of there!


What are you going to miss most about doing the films?

I'll miss the excuse spend every day with my fellow castmates and friends. I'll miss everyone. We love each other's company. I'll miss Jacob too. But I won't be missing those denim shorts. No, they won't be added to my summer wardrobe.


What was your weirdest fan experience?

I'm always blown away by people tattooing our faces on their bodies. And sometimes they'll ask us to sign their arm and then they get the tattoo of the signature.

Taylor LautnerTaylor Lautner's perfect face. Copyright [PA]@JessiccaJarell

Do you think you've changed over the years with your character Jacob? If so, how?

Yes. you grow up quite a bit from the ages of 15-20 any way. And doing this, you grow up at a more accelerated rate.


What's your favourite thing about the UK?

I love the food. I also love your bowling alleys too. Wherever I travel I have to go and bowl somewhere. I've seen a lot and yours are the best.


Now Twilight has come to an end will you keep in touch with the rest of the cast?

It's a miracle we all got on as well as we did. Even though the franchise is coming to an end, those friendships certainly won't.

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Are you a dog or cat person?

I love all animals, but I'd say I'm a dog person for sure.

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It's become such a part of the movies now that watching you take your top off got a laugh in the cinema. Was the response on set the same?

The reaction to me taking my shirt off? Usually I'm taking it off for Kristen. This time, it was just me and Charlie. It was funny because of that. There was only one take we did where I didn't burst out laughing, and that's the one that made it into the movie.

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We heard Mackenzie Foy had a swear jar on set - and apparently, you were one of the main culprits?

I did not give Mackenzie any money for the swearing jar. She made a tone of money and her price was pretty steep! The F bomb was 10 bucks! I didn't have any run ins with the jar though.

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Now Twilight's finished are you going to let yourself go and eat loads of burgers?

Yes! I can definitely have more cheeseburgers and ice creams. But I never limited what I could have too much


If you could play any other character in the Twilight Saga, who would it be and why?

I want to see the other end of the love triangle. I've obviously only seen it through Jacob's eyes so playing Edward would be good. I also love Charlie but that'd be a difficult task because he nails that role.