EXCLUSIVE: The Saturdays’ Rochelle, Una and Vanessa give dating and relationship advice

The Saturdays know a thing or two about boys. Frankie Sandford, Mollie King, Una Healy and Rochelle Wiseman are all happily coupled up (with absolute fitties, it must be said,) and Vanessa White is the resident single gal.

And with their latest single titled 'My Heart Takes Over,' it seemed fitting that we ask them for a bit of guy advice.

1. You've met a guy and have swapped numbers. Who should text first, you or him?

The girls are adamant that it should be the man doing the work: "I know they say the woman should be empowered now," Una told us exclusively, "But it's chivalry! The men do like to pursue the women as well, so I think the man should get in touch."

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Rochelle agreed, saying: "Women are empowered in a different way, you don't have to call first. That's the way of showing you're in control, because he's called you. And he wants you!"

Rochelle Wiseman with her boyfriend, JLS's Marvin Humes / WENN2.  So you've waited for him to get in touch and he's asked you on a date. What do you wear?

The girls told us you shouldn't dress up too much. Una said: "I've set Vanessa up on dates and she had a really good outfit once. It was skinny jeans, big heels, an Alexandra McQueen scarf, a vest and a blazer. It's so sexy and elegant but it's not trying too hard."
Vanessa agreed that this was a good option: "That's the signature first date outfit."

3. But what's the girls' idea of date hell?

Rochelle told us she likes her man to be imaginative: "I don't like boring stuff. I don't want to be taken for a Pizza Express and then to the cinema. I think you can try better than that."

Vanessa was adamant that food on a first date is a big no-no. "I don't want to eat in front of someone I don't know. All I can think is 'What are we going to talk about and how do I eat this?!"

Una Healy and her boyfriend, England rugby star Ben Foden / WENN

Una agreed: "You can't eat, you're too nervous. It has to be a few dates in before food. Imagine trying to eat drumsticks! Or chicken wings! It's boring as well, especially if the conversation's dry."

4. You've had a couple of good dates and now he wants to introduce you to the family. What do you wear for that momentous occasion?!

"I think the first date and the first family meeting should be the same," Rochelle said. "You want to give off the same impression if you like him. You want him to think that you take care of yourself and you're classy, not tarty. It's the same kind of look for the parents as well."

Rochelle wearing jeans, a blazer and a scarf - the perfect outfit for a first date/meeting the family / WENNGood point. Una, however, was more concerned about the footwear situation. "Be careful about the feet, though," she told us. "In some homes you have to take your shoes off at the door.

"Maybe wear boots so you have socks on. You don't want to be going around in your bare feet, especially in front of the mother! You'll feel more comfy in socks or tights rather than the parents looking and thinking 'Ooh, she's got really funny feet."

5. But what if it all goes wrong? What's the best way to get over a breakup?

Rochelle and Vanessa both agreed that keeping busy is the best option. "You should keep busy and just go out," Vanessa said. "Do everything that makes you happy apart from the guy," Rochelle told us. "So whatever else makes you happy, you need to just quickly do it."

Rochelle and Vanessa looking gorge / WENN

For Una, however, the solution is to get all emotional. "Listen to lots of love songs that make you cry," she said. "Cry the tears out. That's a great therapy I think. Get upset — it clears it out of your system rather than bottling it up.

"Sometimes you need to put on your iPod, put on the saddest songs, cry your eyes out and it refreshes you for the next day. Then focus that energy into something to better yourself."

Una Healy says the best way to get over a break up is to have a good cry / WENN

Rochelle agreed: "Say you were together for a year or a few months, you didn't live your life with them before. You were fine before, you were normal, you didn't even know they existed. You don't depend on them. You've got to get into that frame of mind.

"It's hard. You know when your mum always says to you 'it'll get easier, it takes time.' It's so true. You don'twant anyone to say it, but it does get easier. You feel a bit better every day."

Wow, we think we'll be going to therapy sessions with Rochelle from now on.

The Saturdays' single 'My Heart Takes Over,' and the album 'On Your Radar' are both out NOW.