Exclusive: Russell Brand kept telling me I was beautiful

Russell Brand cracked on to our Yahoo! omg! presenter Emily Hartridge telling her she was "beautiful".

Emily Hartridge Yahoo! presenterRussell Brand told our presenter Emily she was beautiful. Copyright [Emily Hartridge]

Yahoo! omg! presenter Emily Hartridge interviewed Russell Brand for us this week to promote his new film Rock Of Ages.

And the British actor, who recently divorced popstar Katy Perry, instantly got flirtatious with the gorgeous brunette.

Emily exclusively told us: "He was very flirty. He kept saying you're so beautiful and all that kind of stuff. It just kind of went from there really"

"I didn't really say hardly anything the whole interview. It was just him."

The flirty funnyman then used the oldest playground game in the book when he threw a cake at our online presenter.

Russell BrandRussell Brand threw a cake at Emily and kissed her elbow. Copyright [Rex]

She told us: "He threw a cake at me and I threw one back. I bought everyone cakes that I was interviewing. I told him the cakes were for people he was interviewing after and he got the cakes, squashed them and threw it at me."

He went on to lick her elbow and following the interview Russell got his "people" to chase down Emily for her number.

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She said: "He chased me out of the room after the interview and tried to kiss me in front of everyone. Afterwards his minder came and found me to get my number."

But Emily exclusively told omg! that although she really likes the comedian, she HASN'T given him her digits.

She said "He's a really nice guy and really funny but I don't fancy him. I'm not interested and didn't give him my number. He's not my type. I don't give people my number I don't fancy."

Stay tuned for the FULL HILARIOUS video interview!