EXCLUSIVE! ‘Robert Pattinson’s Twilight role is damaging,’ says Edward Cullen auditionee Colton Haynes

Robert Pattinson's very famous role in Twilight (and the fame and fortune that comes with it) may be most young actor's dream gig, but not for Colton Haynes who auditioned for the part.

While Colton Haynes is equally as good looking as Robert Pattinson it was the Brit who bagged the job, and despite the success of the film franchise, Colton has no regrets.

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He said: "It would have been fun to be on Twilight and I was a little young to be thrust into something so intense at a young age can be kind of be damaging to you."

robetr pattinsonColton Haynes praised Robert Pattinson for the way he dealt with fame. Copyright [WENN]

Colton is he's happy as the star of MTV's Teen Wolf and he shares the good vibes with RPattz too, adding:

"Robert Pattinson was way better than me so that's why he got [the Twilight role. He's a class act, one of the nicest guys.

"He's taken all the fame and used it in a good way instead of just become a socialite."

Yes he has!

colton haynesColton Haynes auditioned for a role in Twilight but is pleased he missed out. Copyright [WENN]

Aside from being a wise man, Colton is also a ridiculously nice one as he romanced team omg! when he visited us.

And not just that — he has a hot bod to boot as his role in Teen Wolf proves — this prompted us to ask why stripping off seemed mandatory for any actor playing a werewolf.

"It comes with being on screen and being a teenager, I'm in situations where I have to take my clothes off and that's every episode of Teen Wolf but it's not too gratuitous.

"Whoever created the werewolf supernatural theme [is responsible] it was Jacob [Taylor Lautner] who was shirtless and now everyone else has to live up to that so thank you Jacob, appreciate it."

And so do we, so do we!

Now watch Taylor Lautner tell us what he thinks of taking his top off for Twilight