EXCLUSIVE: Rihanna’s a bad role model, says Rebecca Ferguson

When Rebecca Ferguson performed on The X Factor last weekend, we couldn't help but compare her sophisticated performance with that of sex kitten Rihanna. And with Gary Barlow commenting that music vids are 'too sexual,' we had to find out what Rebecca thought.

Speaking to omg! exclusively, Rebecca told us that whilst she loves Rihanna, she doesn't feel the singer's raunchy stage persona is setting the best example for her fans: "I wouldn't let my daughter watch her. As a woman, I want to teach my daughter that a man should love you for who you are, if that doesn't sound too cheesy.

"They should love you for you as a person, not for how you dress — and you don't have to be a sexual thing to a man."

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Rebecca went on to say that Rihanna should remember that she's a role model: "Whether you like it or not, these popstars are role models. They can say 'I've got no kids,' but if you want that lifestyle and you want that money, ultimately you are influencing generations and you have to remember that. They will copy you. Popstars should think of their audience."

Rebecca Ferguson think Rihanna's on-stage persona is too saucy for her young fans / WENNSo we won't be seeing Rebecca singing about chains and whips exciting her any time soon, then? "Most of my album is written from personal experience," she told us. "It got a bit emotional.

"When you're writing the songs you have to think about what you've been through and what you're going through."

But as for feeling pressure to follow in One Direction and Cher Lloyd's footsteps and bag a number one, Rebecca isn't too stressed. "There's time for that. My album isn't the norm and the single isn't the normal pop song. Sometimes it takes longer for people to get used to it. I'm patient for number ones."

We have a feeling Rebecca will be getting her fair share. What a star.