EXCLUSIVE: The Overtones behind the scenes of Loving the Sound video, get ready to swoon

The Overtones are pretty much our favourite group of the moment.

They're fit, they're talented, they dance...there's literally so much to love about The Overtones.

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So when we got our hands on a behind the scenes video of The Overtones shooting the vid for their single, Loving the Sound, we stopped what we were doing immediately, put our feet up and did some serious swooning.

In this exclusive video, we see The Overtones larking around on the set of the shoot.

The OvertonesThe Overtones wear smart suits and dance. We love them. Copyright [The Overtones]The video shows the guys performing through the ages. It starts with them in the 50s, with the shoot in black and white.

They then head into the Motown period, followed by the 80s, and then finally the 'modern era'.

The whole thing shows The Overtones dressed in suave suits, singing their hearts out and doing a lot of dancing.

The OvertonesThe Overtones take a break in between shoots. Copyright [The Overtones]In fact, towards the end of the video, the guys kick over their mic stands and pull out some serious moves - there's finger clicking, twirling and hip thrusting.

All of which has got us seriously swooning. We need to take a minute to recover.

New single 'Loving The Sound' and new album 'Higher', both out on 1st October.