EXCLUSIVE: One Direction and Ed Sheeran have been supportive, says Britain’s Got Talent’s Ryan O’Shaughnessy

Not only did Ryan O'Shaughnessy win over a league of fans with his emotional performance of his self-penned song, No Name, on Britain's Got Talent but he's also attracted a few celebrity fans too.

RyanRyan has told us all about his new celeb fans. Copyright [PR shot]

When we spoke exclusively to Ryan O'Shaughnessy, we were very excited to hear that he's been in touch with some of our favourite celebs — One Direction and Ed Sheeran.

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The Britain's Got Talent star told us exclusively: "Ed Sheeran tweeted me last week. He said: "I love that Ryan O'Shaughnessy song. Great song, great voice." That was pretty cool, so I tweeted him back to say thanks and that I'd seen him at the Capital Summer Time Ball.

"Then he wrote back saying: "Yeah that was a great gig, see you soon." It was pretty cool getting a tweet like that off someone I've listened to for ages."

Ed SheeranEd Sheeran tweeted his support. Copyright [WENN]So is a collaboration on the cards? We'd love to hear Ryan O'Shaughnessy and Ed Sheeran do a cute duet. "I'd love to work with him, that'd be cool." We'll watch that space then.

As for One Direction, we'd heard rumours that Ryan was going to be writing tracks for their second album, so obviously we wanted to find out what was going on there.

Ryan told us: "I haven't been asked to write for them, but Louis has been really supportive over the last couple of weeks on Twitter. He shared out the video when it went up, it's really nice of him."

One DirectionOne Direction have also been supportive. Copyright [WENN]But if he did have the chance to write for One Direction, what would he come up with?

Ryan said: "I just write the way I write. I don't sit down and think about it too much. I think that's something very professional song writers would do. I'd probably just write them the sorts of songs I write for myself."

Speaking of which, Ryan O'Shaughnessy is about to release his single and mini album — all of which was written by him.

Ryan BGTRyan's new single and album are out soon. Copyright [WENN]How did he react to No Name being so well received after he'd written it himself? Ryan said: "It was a bit strange, because when I wrote it, I didn't think that millions of people would be listening to it. but there was no better outcome. It was exactly what I'd been working for."

As for the album, Ryan told us it'd be 'acoustic and raw.' He said: "It'll be very easy listening. It'll be very raw. Even before I went on Britain's Got Talent, I had already written a lot of these songs. It's something I've been working on for a good while so it's good to finally get them down onto a proper album."

The debut single No Name released 5th August

Self-titled six track mini album released Monday 13th August

Ryan's playing London, O2 Academy Islington show Thursday 28th June 2012