Exclusive: Olly Murs gets angry about Pasty-gate

Pasty-gate has been getting people angry up and down the country - and now Olly Murs has got in a right huff about the VAT hike too.

The X Factor star dropped by to Yahoo! omg! HQ yesterday and went on a bit of a rant about the Chancellor's decision to put 20 per cent VAT on hot pies and pasties in The Budget.

Olly, whose new single is called 'Oh My Goodness' (it's as if he wrote it for us!), told us he'd just had a pasty earlier in the day.

And that was despite being on a no carbs diet at the moment (now THAT'S commitment to the pasty cause if ever we heard it).

Check out our exclusive video above where the singer exclusively tells Yahoo! omg! the tax is a "ridiculous" load of "rubbish".

He ranted: "I had a pasty earlier. Did you see the news? If we eat a pasty we're gonna get charged VAT. That's a load of rubbish isn't it?"

And he revealed that he'd had one a little earlier. He said: "I had one today. It was the first time I'd had one in ages. It's a shame we have to eat them cold now. It's ridiculous isn't it?"

We couldn't agree more. So we gave Olly a sausage roll to munch on while he was with us. He seemed to give it a big thumbs up.

We gave Olly a sausage roll after his Pasty-gate rant

Olly Murs' new single Oh My Goodness is out Sunday