EXCLUSIVE: MIC’s Louise Thompson: Kimberly Garner should stay out of other people’s business

Louise Thompson has revealed that the MIC cast are sick of cast mate Kimberly Garner talking about other people's business behind their backs.

Louise reckons Kimberly might be becoming a bit of a diva. Copyright: [rex]

Speaking exclusively to omg! Louise said: "Kimberly does like to talk a lot about other people's business; it's not very nice of her to say especially since we haven't seen her for most of the summer!"

And Louise revealed that now Kimberly has left the hit show the TV star has got her sights set on swapping the Kings Road for Hollywood!

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Louise told us: "Kimberly's moving on and it's always weird when people leave on bad terms but apparently she's going to be in a movie... we'll see."

At which point we will admit, we did all raise an eyebrow.

Kimberly is never one to keep things exactly low key on the carpet! Copyright: [wenn/rex]

And it seems Louise rates Kimberly as a bit of a diva, telling us that Kim is most definitely making the most of her newfound fame!

"She's only been in one series and it's a bit much to have your own train holder on the red carpet! She literally goes to every event...unlike Cheksa who does it graciously but I suppose that's the perks!"

To be fair, if we were Kimberly we would probably go to all the celeb events possible, most definitely with or without train holders.

However, when we make it really big could One Direction possibly hold our train? Or if they're too busy then how about just Zayn Malik?