EXCLUSIVE: MIC’s Cheska Hull: there will be more couples next series

Cheska Hull thinks that the new series of Made in Chelsea might just be the series she finally couples up!

We spoke to Cheska last night. Copyright: [rex]

Speaking at The Expendables premiere last night, Cheska Hull told omg! all the exciting news about the new series which the MIC lot are currently filming.

Cheska says: "I think people will be getting together — there are lots of single people around! Who knows? I might hook up with one of the new cast members!"

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Look like love could be in the probably very expensive incense scented air!

However, she quickly added: "Does that sound really desperate?"

Absolutely not. In fact, are there any Chelsea boys going spare?

If not then we will have to settle with Prince Harry.

Cheska and three nice frocks. Copyright: [rex]

When we asked Cheska if she thinks any of the cast are angling for a spin off a la Spencer Matthews, Cheska insisted they are a loyal cast and no one is going anywhere!

"The thing with Chelsea compared to Es.. *ahem* OTHER shows like ours is that we have a very loyal cast. I don't think anyone thinks about spin off shows."

Cheska is mates with Spencer Matthews. Copyright: [rex]

Naturally, we then asked Cheska what spin off Spencer thought of recent comments from a Batchelor reject branding Spence an 'arrogant t****r'.

Cheska reckons she hasn't bridged the subject with her pal, although she has heard about it.

She told us: "I have heard about it! I haven't asked him about it. It's Spencer and you either love him or hate him but he's not everyone's cup of tea."