Exclusive Kelly Clarkson: One Direction are very talented, will continue to be successful

Kelly Clarkson has revealed that she thinks One Direction are a very talented group of chaps.


The star chats One Direction, divas fight on American Idol and her Greatest Hits

Talking exclusively to omg! Kelly, who won American Idol ten years ago, believes that One Direction have the ability to have a long career in the music industry based on their talent.

She told us: "It's funny when people ask 'why do you have longevity when coming from a signing show and other people don't', I just think it depends on the artist.

"I just think the definition of being successful is just that you've got to have the talent to back it up. I think they [One Direction] are all very talented."

Kelly wrote the One Direction track 'Tell Me A Lie' which features on their first album 'Up All Night'.

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However, before she gave the song to the boys, she wanted to make sure they were worthy of taking it.

She explained: "Before nobody in America knew who One Direction was because they were on X Factor over here [the UK].

"I remember getting a call from my publisher and her being like, 'hey there's this group and they were kind of put together by Simon [Cowell] and they're called One Direction and they're kind of into one of your songs,' and I was like, 'Hmm, I wanna hear them'.

One Direction are now on their second album, with some thanks to Kelly.

"Because those are your babies what you write and I Youtubed them and found all these videos of them actually singing live and they're very talented, that's the key thing .

"That's what I was excited about so was like 'yeah cool, take the song,' so they put it on their record and then they started blowing up in America."

Kelly is currently promoting her latest album 'Chapter One: Greatest Hits'.

Kelly is currently promoting her greatest hits collection. Copyright [Wenn]

The singer admitted that she was initially quite dubious about recording a greatest hits collection as she felt she was still in the prime of her career.

She told us: "Honestly, when the label asked me to do a greatest hits album I was like, 'What? I'm too young for that', it kind of freaked me out. I think people do that when their old and don't have anything else to put out.

"But then they were like, 'you know it's been a decade and you have a lot of hits so you might as well put a few new songs on there for your fans'."