EXCLUSIVE: Jasmine Lennard: ‘Kerry Katona started it! I have a right to defend myself’

Jasmine Lennard says it was Kerry Katona who started the spat which led to the Celeb BB reject calling Kerry a fat drug user.

Jasmine told us Kerry started it! Copyright: [wenn]

Earlier on today we reported Jasmine's comments on the formerly troubled star's personal life, previous drug problems and even her divorce from Brian McFadden.

However, Jasmine has since defended herself saying that it was Kerry who started the spat.

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Speaking exclusively to omg! Jasmine said how she had every right to respond after Kerry commented on her behavior in a national magazine.

Jasmine says: "For real though without wanting to be infantile. If she writes publicly about me in her column i HAVE A RIGHT TO RESPOND!"

Jasmine later added: "The five year old in me would like everyone to know she started it ha ha ha."

Guess now it's over to Kerry, eh? Copyright: [wenn]

True, Kerry did write in her magazine column that Jasmine needs 'psychological help' however; we still don't think that warranted the Celeb BB star's rant.

Karry also said how sad she was that the model ended up getting the boot from the house so early: "I was hoping Jasmine Lennard would stay in the house because she is so controversial."

Something that we wholeheartedly agree with — that house is nothing without Jasmine's outspoken antics.

However, we do have one worry: if Jasmine carries on chatting about everyone the way she does then just who will she have left in celeb land to turn to?

She's already called Danica Thrall a 'prostitute' and Rihan Sugden a 'skank'

However, we somehow doubt this is a lady who is worried about keeping friends.

We are kind of scared what she might say about us now…