EXCLUSIVE: I hope One Direction use condoms, says Keith Lemon

When Keith Lemon popped into omg! HQ to help us celebrate our first birthday, we couldn't wait to hear all his views on his fellow celebrities.

One Direction Keith LemonKeith Lemon has given advice to One Direction. Copyright [WENN]And after seeing them at V Festival over the weekend, we knew Keith Lemon would have an opinion on One Direction. However, his comments that they should all use condoms shocked even us.

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Keith Lemon told us: "As long as they're wearing wellies when they go paddling that's alright. Because when young kids have kids, that's why society's all buckled. Because kids have kids and they don't know how to look after the kids because they're kids themselves."

He continued: "I like them. I just hope they don't settle down too early because they're going to get enough skirt and they don't need to hook up with anyone right yet, I don't think. If I was their manager, I'd say: "You're all going to get a lot so don't hook up with someone too early."

Keith Lemon in the officeKeith Lemon popped into omg! HQ today and chatted about One Direction. Copyright [Yahoo! omg]So contraceptive and relationship advice aside, who is Keith Lemon's favourite member of One Direction?

The star told us: "Niall's my favourite member. He gets so excited he's in One Direction. He can't believe it and gets so excited. I like Zayn's hair now. He should keep it like that."

The man has spoken - will Zayn listen?!

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