Harry Styles EXCLUSIVE: Emily Atack struggles to define their relationship

Emily Atack got very squirmy on the red carpet last night when omg! quizzed her about her 'friend' One Direction's Harry Styles!

Photoshopped hearts optional at this stage... Copyright: [rex/wenn]

Talking at The Sweeney premiere, omg! exclusively asked Emily what she thought of rumours that she had previous with a certain My Styles!

The question definitely caught her off guard and she looked very shifty before saying how she hadn't prepared an answer.

"Oh my god! Do you know what? I haven't prepared any answers for this…..me and Harry ...are just friends!"

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Ah yes, the old classic 'we're just friends' line! Come on, Em, we just want a solid yes or no!

In attempt to squeeze anything out of her, we then asked if she would go there to which she paused for a bit, looked a bit giggly and repeated:  "We're friends, OK?!"

We think they have almost certainly snogged.

Quite honestly, Harry would be well lucky to hook up with Emily Atack  - she was easily our fave celeb on the red carpet last night and a right giggle.

Emily reckoned her outfit was creased. Copyright: [wenn]

Not to mention our fave outfit — which she told us is from good old Topshop!

"I came from a photo shoot and had crunched everything in my bag — this whole outfit - so everything is really creased — I might just say it's the design of the shirt!" Em told us.

"It should be the number one red carpet rule to iron your clothes and I definitely broke that!"

Well creases or no creases, Emily looks fab and we want her legs.

And hair, for that matter.

To make us even more jel, Em was spotted at the after party chatting with Plan B, or as we like to call him Fitty McFit, who we bet almost definitely fancies her.

Emily was spotted getting flirty with Plan B.Copyright: [rex]

How could you not?