EXCLUSIVE: District 3: Christopher Maloney was ‘powerful’, but he had a lot to deal with

Whilst James Arthur won The X Factor over the weekend, we couldn't help but focus our attentions on the scandal surrounding Christopher Maloney who was banned from performing after turning up drunk and swearing  at contestants.

District 3 have defended Christopher MaloneyDistrict 3 have defended Christopher Maloney. Copyright [WENN]When we met District 3 for an exclusive chat, we had to ask them what was going on backstage.

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The boys were pretty reluctant to slag Christopher Maloney off, saying that he'd had a lot to deal with during his time on The X Factor.

When we asked the District 3 lads to describe Christopher Maloney in one word, they revealed that he'd been quite a strong character.

Dan described Christopher as 'powerful,' Micky said he was 'nice,' and Greg hesitated before saying 'independent'.

Christopher MaloneyThe District 3 boys described Christopher Maloney as 'powerful'. Copyright [Rex[They were quick to defend him. Greg revealed: "He had a lot on his plate, and a lot of it he didn't need to be dealing with. There were a lot of lies and a lot of exaggeration that no one needs to deal with. If I'm honest, I found him quite a quiet guy so I don't see how he can have been diva-y."

Dan agreed, saying: "He didn't do anything directly to us. That's why I've never had a problem with him. I've never seen him kick off before. I think he was a bit emotional."

Christopher MaloneyChristopher Maloney was criticised most weeks on X Factor. Copyright [WENN]Greg and Micky agreed that if Christopher did have a meltdown on Sunday it was down to the scrutiny he's come under over the past few weeks.

Micky said: "I think it all originated from the cruise ship. After that, everyone caught on. People started making a joke of it."

Greg continued: "With all the press stuff, he was dealing with it week in, week out. It can build up. To be honest, respect to the guy for powering through and coming third place. Good luck to him."

It's a wonder the District 3 boys found time to appear on this weekend's X Factor if their current schedule is anything to go by.

District 3 wish Christopher Maloney well. Copyright [WENN]This weekend sees them headlining their first ever shows.

The lads are in agreement that the shows are to give back to their 3eeks after all their support.

Greg revealed: "We're nervous because when we've been doing these gigs at clubs it's not necessarily our fans. So we owe it to them to do a gig and it makes us more excited."

Dan continued: "Being on X Factor they had a reason to be interested in you, so the fact they've kept an interest even when we've come off the show is amazing and we're very grateful for that. That's why we're looking forward to the shows. There are lots of surprises in store for the fans."

District Live — Get Your 3eek On

District3 are performing at St.James theatre in London on the 16th December, doing 3 shows performing to over 900 people. Kieran Alleyne is supporting.

It's the bands first self-promoted show and as it's in a very special venue, it will be a total one off.

Venue: 12 Palace Street City of Westminster, SW1E 5JA

Purchasing tickets here: http://www.seetickets.com/Tour/DISTRICT-3

Follow District 3 on Twitter @District3music

Follow Keiran on Twitter @KieranAOfficial