EXCLUSIVE Denise Van Outen: Strictly’s Louis Smith is brilliant on a night out

She may be training around the clock for Strictly Come Dancing but this hasn't stopped Denise Van Outen from letting her hair down every once and a while.

Denise has revealled that Louis likes to play as hard as he works. Copyright [Wenn]

Talking exclusively to omg! earlier today the Strictly contestant admitted that she is often coerced into joining some of the younger contestants on a night out after the show has aired.

And it seems that Louis Smith is the ring leader when it comes to getting the party started.

She told us: "I've had a couple of nights when we've gone out after the show on Saturday and the kids have dragged me out.

"We've had a really fun time. Louis is brilliant fun on a night out. He'll stay up till all hours, he's really good fun."

Well we hope this doesn't affect his dance training for the show.

We don't know about you but we wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of Flavia.

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Denise also admitted that although she can see what the fuss is all about regarding Louis' looks, she doesn't look at him in quite the same way as say, Darcey Bussell.

Louis shades weren't part of his outift, he just had a really bad hangover. Copyright [Wenn]

She said: "All the girls like Louis! But for me, because I've got to know him, I kind of look at him as a little brother but he's lovely, he's really sweet."

Denise also thinks that Louis has got what it takes to win the show.

"I think Louis has got a really strong chance, he's very popular," she said.

However, there is one couple in particular that Denise personally enjoys watching.

She admitted: "I love watching Dani [Harmer] and Vincent, team smurf!"

"I love them both and they do seem very in sync with each other. And Dani technically is very good, her footwork is great."

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