EXCLUSIVE: Cover Drive take the omg! ‘Welcome to Britain’ test

Cover Drive are one of the hottest bands of the moment, so we were very excited when we were invited to interview them.

The only condition: we had to go zip lining first… zip lining across Wembley Stadium with a few rugby players to be precise.

Also in attendance were three hot Saracens rugby players — all in preparation for their big match this Saturday at Wembley — one was an underwear model so we didn't complain.


Yep, this had to be omg!'s most random day — it was just us, three fit rugby players and a pop band zip lining across a very empty Wembley Stadium.

Just another day at the office, eh?

Once the harness was on there was no going back! Copyright: [omg!]

Straight after we scooted along what felt like a one mile long, one million foot high wire with just a harness between us and plunging to our deaths, we sat down for a catch up with the band.

Sadly this is not Hugh Hefner... Copyright: [omg!]

Now, Cover Drive are from lovely sunny Barbados — they said we should feel free to visit whenever we want — so we wanted to see how much they had learned from their time in Britain.

To test this we challenged them to take omg!'s Welcome to Britain test.

Our fave moments definitely have to be when the band mistake Bruce Forsyth, esteemed national treasure for Mr Playboy himself: Hugh Hefner… however, they probably are about the same age…

We suppose you could BBQ a Sunday Roast? Copyright: [omg!]

We also love the fact they thought that a Sunday Roast was something you barbeque and thought that Morris Dancing was some sort of battle ritual.

'Are they going into battle?!' Copyright: [omg!]

However, in the end they did pretty well: they knew who Katie Price was and Amanda even knew what Eastenders was!

Cover Drive, consider yourselves honorary Brits!

This Saturday sees Saracens vs. Leicester, with Cover Drive providing entertainment on the day! Tickets are available from http://www.saracensatwembley.com/